Kruve Sifter professional sifters, now in LF

24/05/2021 10:38:00

Kruve Sifter professional sifters, now in LF

Il 24/05/2021

Kruve Sifter is a line of professional sifters, designed for those looking for the perfect grind for every extraction method, regardless of the coffee grinder used.

Each item consists of an aluminium body, a wooden lid and several sieves ranging from 200 to 1600µm (depending on the package). This makes it possible to obtain a coffee powder of the right size for each recipe and extraction.

The package includes a metric ruler up to 16 cm and a table, which allow you to view the beans' size and the coffee grinding.

Available in the models Sifter Base, Sifter Plus Grind, Sifter Plus Bean, Sifter Max, the range is completed by glasses,jugs and spoons.

Discover the whole Kruve range here

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